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How to Finalize a Contest

Note for Options A and B: You must be an Observer who is able to finalize the contest.

Option A

  1. Navigate to the My Contests tab in Salesforce
  2. Click the name of the contest you wish to finalize
  3. From the leaderboard, click View Contest Details on the left
  4. Click the Finalize This Contest button at the top
  5. Fill out each section on the page, and follow the instructions listed in each section.
  6. Click the Finalize button when you’re finished!
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Option B

Note: Option B is much quicker, however you won't be able to send out any contest finalization emails
1. Click Contest Builder
2. Click View All Contests
3. Click the Needs Finalization tab
4. Check off the contests that you want to finalize on the top right corner of each box
5. Click Finalize

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