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Building a Parent/Child Contest

Reasons to use a Parent/Child contest:

  1. You want to build a contest to run for an entire quarter, but you want to motivate a different behavior each month, and deliver a different prize to a different winner each month, thus giving three opportunities to win. And, you wish to have an overall winner for the quarter: the person who has the highest score overall, from all three month-long contests combined.
  2. You wish to run a contest with more than four behaviors (four is the maximum per single contest). You would create a Parent contest and Child contests underneath it to contain additional behaviors.
  3. You like running monthly contests, but you've observed that your participants are losing interest. Try running your usual monthly contest in the Parent/Child format. Create the Parent contest with four Child contests that run for 1 week each during that month. This keeps your participants on the ball and motivated by a shorter competition - they need to try to win every Friday! Then the overall winner of the Parent contest will be the participant with the highest score for all Child contests combined.

How to build a Parent/Child Contest

Go to your Contest Builder tab in Salesforce. Once there, click Build New Contest.

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Next, choose to build a Contest from scratch. You will then choose between a Single or Parent-Child Contest. 

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For this example, we will choose to build a Parent-Child. You will have many of the same steps as a Single Contest. 

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You will fill in the Overview tab first, then Participants & Observers. Participants are selected here and will remain the same for all of the Child Contests.

The next tab is the Child Contests tab. When you are ready, click add new Contest.

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You will then be able to create a Child contest. Follow the steps and create as many Children as you need to. Your start and end time can be different from the Parent, but the Child start and end MUST be within the duration of the Parent.

Once you have the Children contests completed, just add prizes and notifications (if any). These can be different for all Children/Parent. When you are ready to launch, you can launch everything at once or one contest at a time. Just click view Parent Contest, and then go to the Child Contests tab.

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Here, you will be able to launch all Child Contests in the bottom left or click launch next to each Child to launch the individual Contests when ready! Good luck!

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