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Secondary Metrics

In Scorecard, users have up to 4 Active Metrics. These are the 4 you will see in Scorecard Mini.

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These active metrics are the activities that are most important for the rep and where the main focus should be.

Managers can also have up to 16 Secondary Metrics that are tracked, and visible within the Scorecard Manager tab.

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Managers might want to track secondary metrics in order to collect data that is important to them, but not necessarily a main focal point for the team. 

Managers now have the option to make these metrics visible to the reps, and that can be done within the Scorecard Builder Profiles tab.

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Secondary metrics must be enabled for the reps in their entirety or disabled in their entirety (unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose). And it is for the whole Profile, not individual users. These enabled metrics will only be visible within the Scorecard tab.

You can also now edit goals for secondary metrics within Scorecard Manager tab under Edit Goals.

By user
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By metric
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NOTE: If Coaching is enabled, and you have secondary metrics enabled for your reps, those metrics will be captured in the Activity Snapshot of a Coaching Note.

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