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*NEW* Zero Commits (in Executive Scorecard)


This new feature is available (10.28.19) for Executive Scorecard. Click here for instructions on how to build out an Executive Scorecard.

Zero Commits allows you to see how many users have NOT done a key metric rather than the progress to the goal for the team. This allows you to focus in on anyone who may be struggling in a specific area or to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. If you are already familiar with Executive Scorecard, the below pictures will show you how to turn this selection on and what it will look like on the front end.

In order to change an Executive Scorecard behavior to a Zero Commits metric, follow the below steps:

1. In Salesforce, go to Scorecard Builder
2. Choose Hierarchies
3. Select a Hierarchy
4. Select the level on the Hierarchy that you would like to change a behavior
5. Choose the key behavior you wish to make a Zero Commits metric

User-added image

6. Edit the metric
7. The metric should now look like the below:

User-added image

8. Save the metric, the Hierarchy will automatically save.

Now, navigate to Executive Scorecard and view your new metric as a Zero Commits metric
User-added image
This now shows that 2 out of the 4 users in this Hiearchy have NO Connects this week, rather than the amount of connects the team has made as a whole.
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