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How to Add Channel 11 to Your Lightning Homepage

Adding Channel 11 to a Lightning Homepage

*You must be a Salesforce Admin to complete these steps*

Whether you're working from home or you don't have a TV in every area and want to take a quick glance at Channel 11, you can now add it to your lightning homepage!

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The first thing you will need to do is create a Visualforce page for your Channel. If you have multiple channels that you would like to include for different apps, feel free to make one for each channel.

Step 1. Go to the gear at the top right of your page and select Setup, then search Visualforce Pages and select Visualforce Pages

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Step 2. From the Visualforce Pages, select the option for 'New'

Step 3. Label/Name your new Visualforce page (ex. Channel 11 Main/Channel_11_Main)

Step 4. Make sure you check the box that says: Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app

Step 5. Replace the Visualforce Markup with the below code (make sure to replace ADD YOUR CHANNEL 11 URL HERE with the actual URL for your channel

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Code to easily copy and paste:

<apex:page >

    <apex:variable var="ch11" value="ADD YOUR CHANNEL 11 URL HERE" />


    <apex:iframe src="{!ch11}" height="430px" scrolling="false"/>


    <apex:outputLink value="{!ch11}" id="theLink" target="_blank">Open Channel 11 in a browser tab</apex:outputLink>


Step 6. Save

Step 7. Go to the homepage you would like to add Channel 11 to click on the gear in the top right corner and select Edit Page

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Step 8. Find the option for Visualforce and drag that onto the layout where you would like to see Channel 11

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Step 9. Choose the Visualforce page you just created

Step 10. Change the height to 500

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Step 11. Save and go back to your homepage.

Step 12. Log into Channel 11 at app.leveleleven.com and make sure the channel you want to show on the homepage is set to Anyone with the secret URL.

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Congrats! You now have Channel 11 on your homepage. You can repeat this for any other apps that you would like to add a channel to. 

*Please note that while Channel 11 programs will play, the splashes will not go off on your homepage

-----Final notes, if your users are seeing the below, you will want to check the Visualforce Page Access for their Salesforce Profile and add the new Visualforce page you just created to be accessible for them.

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Setup>Profiles>Select user Profile>Visualforce Page Access>Edit>add the page you just created for Channel 11>Save

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Reach out to your CSM or gethelp@leveleleven.com if you have questions.
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