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Channel11 Best Practices - Equipment & Devices

Channel11 is best utilized when a TV monitor is directly connected to a computer. A PC, Mac, Mac mini; all acceptable options.

If you are working remote or out of the office, you can also access Channel11 on your smartphone or tablet (i.e. iPhone).

DO NOT USE a smart TV browser, the reason being - there is not enough power in the browser to run all of Channel11. 

You can also "cast" Channel11 with Chromecast. Here are the steps:
1. Launch the channel in Google Chrome
2. Go to your Chrome Toolbar (upper right corner)
3. Go to Cast
4. Find your Chromecast
5. Once you are live, make sure your browser is as large as it can be. If the picture looks blurry on the monitor, try expanding the browser size. Please also make sure Channel11 is casting at the highest resolution.

For more information on Chromecast, visit this site.

For any other inquiries regarding Channel11, reach out to gethelp@leveleleven.com.

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