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When adding Observers, what is Can Finalize?

These will be the users who can take the final steps to finalize the contest.  We recommend not having too many users included with this option as each person who can finalize the contest will receive an email until someone takes the step to finalize.

Steps to add an observer who can finalize:

1. Go to Contest Builder
2. Create/edit a contest
3. Click Observers
4. Check the Can Finalize box for the desired user(s)
5. Click Save

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Steps to finalize a contest:

1. Go to Contest Builder
2. Click View All Contests
3. Click Needs Finalization
4.a. You can mass finalize multiple contests by checking the box for each contest and then clicking finalize. However, if you do this, there will not be any contest ended notifications.
4.b. Click View for the contest that you want to finalize
4.b.1. Click Finalize This Contest
4.b.2. Decide if you'd like to send contest end notification and/or/neither notify winners
4.b.3. Click Finalize
(From Contest Builder)
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(From Contest)
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