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Use Cases for Scorecard

Here are examples of KPIs that other organizations are measuring within Scorecard. The Metric examples below are organized by Salesforce object name.


  • Number of new Accounts created


  • Number of new Contacts created
  • Number of Contact fields updated (example: Email, Phone, Title)


  • Number of Leads Converted
  • Number of new Leads created
  • Number of Leads with a status change (example: Qualified)
  • Number of new Leads from a specific Lead Source (example: Referral)

Opportunities (Deals)

  • Number of Closed Won Opportunities
  • Total dollar value of Closed Won Opportunities
  • Number of new Opportunities created
  • Number of Closed Won Opportunities over a certain dollar amount
  • Number of Closed Won Opportunities by Type (example: Renewal or Upsell)
  • Total dollar value of Opportunities won from a specific Lead Source
  • Number of Opportunities that hit a specific Stage (example: Proposal Sent)

Activities (Tasks and Events)

  • Number of Calls logged
  • Number of Calls logged with a specific Call Type
  • Number of Demos logged
  • Number of Emails logged
  • Number of Face-To-Face meetings scheduled


  • Number of Campaign Members added (example: event registration)


  • Number of Cases Closed
  • Average first response time
  • Average time to Close a Case



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