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Scorecard Personal Goals

We understand that not all Reps have the same target. With the Personal Goals feature in Scorecard, Managers are able to set custom goals for each individual Rep in the Scorecard Profile.

Option A

1. Click the Scorecard Builder tab
2. Click Profiles
3. Click the name of an existing Profile shown to edit it
4. Click the Personal Goals tab
5. Click the User's name who needs specific, defined goals assigned to them
6. The Set Custom User Goals section will populate directly below, where you must enter custom values for all the Metrics for that user
7. Click Save Profile

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Option B

Note: To be able to use this option, the Manager must have the can edit goals checkbox enabled. To do that, you must go to Scorecard Builder > Profiles > Click the desired Profile > Managers > Assigned > Mark can edit goals as true > Active Profile
1. Click Manager Scorecard
2. Click Edit Goals
3. Edit the desired individual goal and/or team stretch goal 
4. Click Save Goals

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