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LevelEleven 101 - Weekly Trainings

If you're new to LevelEleven, or just want a basic refresher on the functionality and features of our platform, you're in the right place!

Click here to register for the Scorecard 101 Live Training

- Overview of Scorecard navigation and visibility 
- How to build Scorecard Metrics and Profiles 
- How to build Teams within Profiles 
- How to set up Pacing and User Targets

Click here to register for the Contest Engine 101 Training

- Overview of Contest Engine navigation and visibility 
- How to build Contest Behaviors 
- How to add Participants, Prizes, and Notifications 

Click here to register for the Channel11 101 Live Training

- How to add users to Channel11 
- How to include your own individual sounds 
- How to build out Channels by adding Programs 
- Custom themes 

Looking for more in-depth content? 

Click here for information about our Best Practice webinars, where we will dig a little further into the functionality and customization of our technologies.

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