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How To Build a Contest From Scratch

Note: You must have the SCB Administrator Permission Set and a Contest Engine license to be able to build a contest.


Start by going to the Contest Builder tab. Click Build Contest from scratch. Click Single Contest or Parent-Child Contest.

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Single Contests
are for one prize, one winner. Parent-Child Contests can be many child contests that cumulate to a final parent winner based on the scores of the child contests.

Fill in the required fields in the Overview section.

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  • The contest can not start more than 30 minutes into the past of your Salesforce Org's timezone.
  • You are able to schedule contests into the future.
  • If you mark the contest as Hidden, then the participants will not know they are in a contest. You can not make the contest public after you launch it as hidden.
  • If you have multiple contests running, you can decide the order of them in Mini Leaderboard by utilizing the Mini-Leaderboard Display Priority field. If you select 1, then the contest will appear first. If you select 10, then the contest will appear last.
Create a Behavior. You may have up to 4 behaviors in a contest (and many filters per behavior). You award points PER behavior. If you would like more than 4 behaviors, it might be best to have a Parent-Child Contest.

You can create as many prizes as you'd like in the Prizes section.
  • Check the Non-Monetary box if the prize isn't hard cash. For example, you would check this box if the prize was an extra vacation day, free lunch, etc.
  • The Reserve Amount is an additional requirement to obtain that specific prize. For example, let's say the 1st place price had a reserve amount of 500. Even though I came in 1st place with 400 points, I did not win the 1st place prize because I did not meet the reserve amount of 500.
In the Participants section, click on the Add Users tab to add people to the contest.

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You can hit the red plus sign to add users, or check the boxes and click Add Selected when ready.

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  • When you are in the Participants tab, you are able to score adjust the score for certain individuals or teams.
  • If you have the Use Teams box checked, then all participants must be in a team.
  • If you want to click a Team Photo URL, then the link must be a JPG.

In the Observers section, click on the Browse Users tab to add non-participating individuals to simply watch the contest.
  • You can have has many observers as you'd like.
  • Observers can either be a Finalizer and/or a Key Influencer. Or, they can be neither.
All of the tabs in the Notifications section are optional.
  • Your Observers will appear as options in the Contest Point of Contact field. If you want to make modifications to the list, you must go back in the Observer section. The person you select is the main point of contact for all notifications in the contest.
  • By selecting the Create Chatter Group field, a chatter group will be created for this specific contest where participants and observers can post in.
  • You can send Launch Notifications once the contest goes live via email to participants and/or observers, chatter, and/or have a splash occur in the Mini Leaderboard
  • In the Recurring Notifications section, you can issue leaderboard updates every day or week via email (to participants and/or observers) or chatter .
  • You can have Real Time Alerts via a splash in the Mini Leaderboard and/or in the chatter contest group
  • You can post text, images, or links in the Contest Bulletin Board, where you can display a picture of the prize, motivational text, etc.
  • You can tailor the launch message and/or mid contest notification for the Key Influencer in the Key Influencer Notification section.
  • You can also configure a Splash here, which will be seen in Channel11. You will select the behaviors you would like to splash for, and customize your splash message. Note: hidden contests will not splash.
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The Review & Launch section is the last step when building a contest. It's a review of all your previous sections. If you're satisfied, you can go ahead and click the Launch Contest button!
  • Even if the contest will start in the future, you should still click the launch contest button! That way, it will be a scheduled to run at the specified date. Think of it as an alarm clock!
  • IMPORTANT: If you make any changes to the contest once it's live, specifically in the behavior section, the contest will NOT retroactively add/remove the points for you. Only going forward. If you want to factor in previous points, you can ad hoc them in.





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