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How to Add Users to Scorecard?

Note: You must follow BOTH steps and be a System Administrator to do this

Step 1: Licenses

User-added image

  • Navigate to Setup > Build > Installed Packages
  • Click Manage Licenses next to the L11-Scorecard package name
  • Click Add Users
  • Select the Users with the checkboxes on the left
  • Click Add at the bottom of the page

Step 2: Permission Sets

User-added image

  • Navigate to Setup > Administer > Manage Users > Permission Sets
  • Locate the Permission Set name you’d like to add users to
  • Click the Manage Assignments button at the top
  • Click Add Assignments
  • Check the boxes next to the names of users to add to the permission set
  • Click Assign and then Done


What level of access does each Permission Set give?

  • Scorecard Admin = Any user who needs permission to administer Scorecard to your organization. There should always be at least one Salesforce System Administrator in this list.
  • Scorecard Manager = A head of a team of Scorecard Users, or any Managers, Directors, or Executives in your organization that will want to view Scorecard data for teams or groups of employees.
  • Scorecard User = A Scorecard end user; i.e. an Account Executive or Sales Rep at your organization.

When you are ready, you may create a Profile in Scorecard Builder and add Users/Managers.

How to Add a User to a Profile
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