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How do I add custom objects to Scorecard?

Note: You need Salesforce Administration rights to complete these steps.


1. Click Setup
2. Search and click Custom Settings in the Quick Find search box.
3. Click Scorecard Objects
4. Click Manage
5. Click New
6. Type in the Singular Label of the custom object and then paste in the API Name of the custom object
7. Click Save



Let's say I want to have a Scorecard metric be based on Curriculum, a custom object.

User-added image

I would copy the fields highlighted in red above and then paste them into the fields highlighted below to add my custom object, Curriculum, to Scorecard.

User-added image

Once I have it saved, I can now have it be selectable in the What type of record is this? field of the Scorecard Builder. 

User-added image

User-added image

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