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Contest Behavior & Filter Cheat-sheet

Step 1. Select how to Choose your Winners

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1. Total Number of Points:

  • This means your leaderboard will tally up points for each behavior they complete in the contest. 
  • Each behavior will have a designated point value.
  • Common Use Cases: This is the most frequently used option. Common use cases are behaviors like logging calls, scheduling events, creating new Opportunities, converting Leads, moving Opportunities through the pipeline, or updating data in Salesforce.
  • If you select total number of points for Choose Winners By, you have a couple options for the Scoring Type

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A. Points Per Behavior: You will set the points that each behavior should earn the participant.
B. Value of Field: The points earned by the participant for each behavior will be equal to some numerical field on the record. 

  • Example: For each logged demo, I want the score to be the number of minutes spent on the phone

2. Total Dollar Value of Entries

  • For each behavior, the points on your leaderboard will be in currency form.
  • Common Use Cases: Pick this option if you want to display the Closed Won Opportunity Amount on the leaderboard as the point value. So if your contest is awarding points to the person who has the highest amount of Closed Won Opportunities (in dollar value), then select this value. 
  • The Scoring Type for this option is Value of Field. This is the default, and there are no other scoring options available.

3. Percent to Goal

  • Instead of ranking employees on their actual values, rank them on their achievement toward a goal (set by you in the builder).
  • Common Use Cases: Pick this option if you want to run a Forecasted-to-Actuals contest, but your reps have different quotas. You set their quotas or commit amounts in the Participant tab of the builder. Then you’ll run your contest Percent to Goal. The winner will be the person who has the highest percentage of their goal achieved.

Step 2. Create a Behavior
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  1. You are able to create a behavior from a Scorecard metric that is in a Scorecard Profile. All of the information will be autofilled for you! However, if the Scorecard metric is using OR Logic, you want to make sure that it is set up properly in the contest behavior as well.
  2. Give your behavior a name, keep it short and easily identifiable.
  3. This part is optional. You can include more information on how to exactly score the points for this specific behavior.
  4. Select the Salesforce Object that you want to use. If you want to use a Custom Object, you must follow this guide.
  5. Select the label that you want displayed when you're viewing the entries.
  6. Select the User ID field that you want to award the point to.
  7. You are able to select other fields in #6 if you have this box unchecked. However, the field that you end up selecting MUST be a User ID field. After saving your contest, this field will appear checked, but don't worry, it won't change the field you select in #6.
  8. You can either put in a positive or negative number

Step 3. Filters
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