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Channel11 Usage Tips

  • Log into your Channel11 admin panel by visiting https://app.leveleleven.com/
  • Consider having one channel per team or department, and then a separate master channel for your organization.
  • You can have unlimited channels and programs.
  • You do not need to refresh your channel for the information to be updated, it refreshes automatically.
  • You can display Contest leaderboards, Scorecard metric stats, text, images, or videos within your channel.
  • When launching a new contest, you must manually log into Channel11 and add it as a new program to your channel.
  • When a contest ends, you must manually remove the program from your channel.
  • Your channel will refresh automatically as soon as changes are saved!
  • You can have owners, builders, and members.
  • Users are able to upload their own individual sounds that go off when they score a point in a contest program.
  • You are able to have custom splashes.

For more help with Channel11, please check out this article.

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