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*New* Leaderboard View

New Leaderboard View in Scorecard!

You may notice that there is now a third option for a leaderboard view in your Scorecard (previously there were only two).

*Note: This will only be visible if you have teams within a profile AND this needs to be enabled in Scorecard Builder (more on this below).
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Default View

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The first option (default) shows the leaderboard for the selected team view

As a manager of one team within a profile, this will show you the stack rank of your team only
As a rep this will show you your stack rank against your time.

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Team View

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The second option will show you a Team vs. Team view. This will be an aggregate of each team total vs. the other team's totals.
You can also drill into each team from this view to see the individual users per team

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Full Profile View

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The third (*new*) option will show an individual stack ranking of the entire profile.

As a manager, this will show you how individuals on your team compare to the rest of the profile
As a rep, this will show you where you rank within the profile, rather than just your team.

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How to Enable this new option:

1. In Lightning, navigate to the app launcher
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1. In Classic, navigate to the all tabs
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2. From here search or find Scorecard Builder

3. From Scorecard Builder, select Profiles

4. From Profiles, select the profile you would like to add this feature to and click into it.

5. From inside the profile, under Other Options check off the boxes that apply to you:
  • Allow managers to see full leaderboard?
  • Allow users to see full leaderboard?

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