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How to Start a Coaching Session

When you are ready to have a Coaching session, you can Create a Note one of two ways; a manager can start a note in the Coaching tab, or the team member can start the note in their Coaching tab. 

*If you need to know how to install Coaching or enable it, please go here

Here is how a manager may create a note: 

First Click 'create a note'

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Then name the note, choose a template and the team member you would like to coach.

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Proceed to fill out the summary section, comment on the activity snapshot, and add any action items you might like

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Activity Snapshot:
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Action Items:
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Action Items can be linked to Tasks in SF if you have them enabled in the Custom Template. 

Once the note is complete, it will be sent to that team member via email. They will also be able to see it in the pending section of their Coaching tab

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They will then fill in their answers, and send it back.

Another way you can begin a Coaching Note is by having the team member initiate. In Coaching, the team member will Request Coaching. They will select the manager they will receive coaching from and fill in the note. This will look very similar to the process for managers, but the rep will not have the action item portion to fill out (that is for the manager to fill out)

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Once the note is sent the manager will receive an email letting them know they have a coaching note request. They can either click the link in that email, or come to Coaching and find it in the pending section.

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If you have requested your team member acknowledges a note, they will review the FINAL note (after both parties have answered all questions) and click to acknowledge. 

There are many ways you can make LevelEleven Coaching work for you and your team. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to gethelp@leveleleven.com.

Happy Coaching! 

January 2018 Update: ACTION ITEMS. Click here for article. 
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