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How to Create a Custom Question Template in Coaching

With Custom Question Templates in LevelEleven Coaching, you have the ability to tailor your coaching questions to the specific needs of your teams and profiles. 

Clicking Question Templates will take you into a new section within the builder, where you can build a new question template:

You will see what templates are currently in use.

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When building a new template, first give it a name and description.

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Next, determine if you would like to have team member acknowledgment activated. This will make sure your reps have read through the coaching note when complete and finalized. Then, you will decide if you would like to send email notifications to team members or managers to initiate Coaching sessions. 

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Just choose how often you would like emails to go out and on what days.

Then you will head to the Sections to add your questions. Add 1 or many! For help building questions, read this article.

And if you would like to have Action Items create Tasks in Salesforce, you will enable this here:

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You can also deactivate Sections 2 and 3 if you would like. Save your template, and head over to your team's Profile!  

For more help adding templates to the Profile, check out this article.

Happy Coaching!

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