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How to Clone a Contest

You can clone contests instead of building from scratch if you already have a contest built out with the users you want, or teams set up, or the behaviors you want to use. You can clone any contest (live, scheduled, needs finalization, draft, finalized) all you have to do is click the CLONE button for that contest.

*NOTE: make sure you have both the SCB Administrator Salesforce AND the Contest Builder Salesforce Permission sets first.

1. Find Contest builder

a. Classic in the 'all tabs':
 User-added imageUser-added image

b. Lightning in the app launcher: 
User-added imageUser-added image

2. Once in Contest Builder, find any contest (Live, Scheduled, Draft, Needs Finalization, Final)
User-added image

3. Find a contest you would like to clone and click the clone button.User-added image

4. This should open a new contest, all you will need to do is edit the title and fill in the start and end dates and times. If you need help building a contest, please find that here and start at Overview.
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