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Goal Achieved Splashes, Custom Splashes, and Pacing

Goal Achieved Splashes

When an individualteam, or profile hits a goal in Scorecard, Splash in Channel11!

To enable goal Splashes, create a program for a Scorecard Leaderboard. There will also be an option to select a sound. You can select the desired sound, but user's personal sounds will override the Splash sound.

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Custom Splashes

You can integrate any real-time event into your Channel11 channels. With our simple API, you can create splashes on just about anything!

We’ve even released an open-source library for integration from Salesforce to make getting started even easier. Visit https://github.com/LevelEleven/channel11-api-salesforce to get started.


Pacing in Channel11

You’re already used to seeing pacing data in Scorecard, and any metric that has Pacing enabled in Scorecard will automatically display with the same pacing in Channel11.

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