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Contests in Channel 11

3 Ways to Display Contests onto Channel 11! 

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Please read below to learn more about the different ways to show Contests on Channel 11.

*Note: for all contest program types below, you have the ability to narrow the contests down to a specific category if you chose to use those when creating the contests.

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The above is how you choose/add categories when you are building contests in Salesforce

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The above is how you choose the category you would like to show on Channel 11

Cycle Active Contests

Cycle Active Contests will show all contests that are currently active in your org. This means that if you have ongoing contests (whether they be daily or otherwise) and you would like to cycle through them on the channel, this will show ANY contest that is active during that DAY. (Not to be confused with Cycle Live Contests - see below for more on that)

Examples of when to use this: If you have regular contests that you run and you don't want to worry about adding the program every time a new contest starts, if you have multiple contests going that you want to cycle through, if you don't want to change settings for any of the contests (i.e. whether user's splash can override the default, if you want different default sounds for different splashes, etc.)

Cycle Live Contests

Cycle Live Contests will show any contest that is currently LIVE. This means that the contest must be live at that exact time to show on the Channel. Once a contest ends, it will fall off of this program type.

Examples for use: If you like to run power-hour contests and don't want to update Channel 11 every time a contest starts or ends, this will show only the current LIVE contest.

Individual Contest Program

You can also add each contest individually. 

Examples for use: If you have a very specific channel that you would only like a specific contest to show on or if you would like to customize a specific contest for time or sounds, etc.
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