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Adding User Images in Channel 11

Before User images can be added, we will need to make sure all Users are invited to Channel 11. 

In Settings, Go to Organization Settings, Select Manage Users. You will click Invite Users, and enter the email addresses of the Users you would like to invite. 

User-added image

Once the User has a Channel 11 account, they can log in and upload a personal avatar (image). 

They will go to Settings, and in My Settings, select Personal Info. On the Personal Info page, they can click Change for upload a new image. Click Save and you're all set!  

User-added image

If YOU would like to change the image for user, you are now able to!

Go to the Manage Users tab in My Settings:
User-added image

Find a user, and click the active link/email address. This will take you to a settings page:

User-added image
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