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6.0 Release Notes

Contest Engine Leaderboard Upgrades

We are so excited to roll out our upgraded Contest Engine Leaderboard. We’ve given our Contest leaderboard a whole new look and feel that we think you’ll love. In addition to that, we’ve also added some new features that we want to tell you about:

1. Personal Stats Section in “My Contests”

Once you navigate to the “My Contests” tab, you’ll see a stats section that is dedicated to just your own personal stats. These include: total number of contests entered, total number of first place finishes, total number of top ten finishes, and average rank for all contests. There’s also a section in the bottom right corner that will help connect contest users with leaders of the contests they participate in.
Image 1

2. Contest Stats Section

On the leaderboard page, you’ll see a section on the right called “Contest Stats.” This section will highlight key data from the contest that you’re looking at. The information included here is: total scored in a contest, total participants, average points per participant, and average points per day.
Image 2

3. Updated Counter on the Leaderboard

Check out the new countdown clock on our leaderboard. This will ensure that contest participants always know how much time (days/hours/minutes/seconds) is left in a contest before their time is up.Image 3

4. Activity Stream on the Leaderboard

We’ve added an activity stream that you’ll see on the right side of your “My Contests” tab. This stream will show which contest users have most recently scored in a contest. The activity stream will show a user’s name and how many points they have.

5. “View My Scorecard” Button in "My Contests"

Within the “My Contests” section, you will see your name and image on the right side of the page. Right below your name, you’ll see a “view my scorecard” button. Click this button and you’ll be taken to your personal scorecard.

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