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2.9 Release Notes

View Records in Scorecard

Previously in Scorecard, neither users nor managers had a way to view a list of records that made up a metric. To ensure visibility into all metrics, and as a way to audit the records that are counted in Scorecard, we’ve added in this functionality.

  • Users: Users will be able to click on an individual metric and view all personal records that have contributed to that metric. Users will have the ability to filter based on metric, start date, and end date.
  • Managers: Managers will have the ability to see the records that are counted in Scorecard Manager for all of the profiles that they manage (including teams).
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  • Notice that you will now see a link below each metric in Scorecard that will navigate you to a View Records page.

Multicurrency in Scorecard

You can now utilize different currencies within Scorecard by setting currency on a profile. This feature is always optional, and admins will be able to globally turn this on or off. When multicurrency is enabled in Salesforce, there will be a checkbox on the Scorecard Settings page to select a currency.
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User-added image

Once Multicurrency is enabled:

  • As a builder, you will be able to set currency on a Scorecard profile using one of the pre-installed currencies in your Salesforce org. This will ensure that currency-based metrics are then converted to a single currency.

  • As a manager, you will see your profile or team’s metrics calculated to your assigned currency, so that all of your metrics will be consistent with the currency set in your Salesforce org.

  • As a user, you will see all of your Scorecard metrics calculated to your assigned currency. This means that all of your metrics will then be consistent with the currency set in your Salesforce org.

Anywhere you’re used to seeing currency values in Scorecard will now be updated with this feature. This includes the following components for both managers and users:

  • Leaderboard

  • Edit My Goals page

  • Charts (includes current and historic score, target, and goal)

  • Scorecard weekly digest email

History Locking

We’ve heard from many of you that you’d like a way to keep historical data within a profile even if a user moves to a different profile. We’re excited to announce that this functionality is now available within Scorecard.

Now, if a manager has a user who moves between Scorecard profiles, that user’s historical data will stay within the original profile - it will not move with the user. This means that a profile’s data will never be removed from the original profile regardless of the users within it.

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