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2.5 Release Notes

Previously, you had the ability to select custom sounds for each contest running in Channel11. We’re excited to announce that we’ve now added in the ability to select a custom sound for each individual participant in Channel11. With Individual Participant Sounds in Channel11, the goal is to give all users the chance at a customized moment of celebration that will help to score additional points in the future. 

You’ll now see a settings page for users that are not admins of a system, where they can customize their Channel11 experience. This page includes the following options: 



  • Resetting/changing password
  • Uploading personal sounds
  • Selecting a primary sound after uploading
  • Deleting a sound


We’ve also updated the available roles for a user: member, builder, and owner (previously owner, admin, and manager). 


  • Member: Cannot access org settings or create/edit channels
  • Builder: Cannot access org settings but can create/edit channels
  • Owner: Can access org settings and can do anything that a member or admin can do


You’ll have the ability to upload up to four sounds at a time, but note that you can only have one sound selected at one time.

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